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Mac Catalyst app "Asphalt 9: Legends" finally released. Porting iOS version-Engadget Japan version

Released late last yearMac Catalyst, a new element of macOS CatalinaCould create iOS / iPad / Mac apps from a single source code, making it easy to build Mac apps based on iPad apps. As a result, it has already been based on the iPad versionTwitter for MacIs being delivered.

The Mac version of the racing game app "Asphalt 9: Legends", which has been featured alongside it, has begun to be delivered despite being behind schedule. The Mac App Store in Japan is also available for download with basic free in-app purchases. At the developer conference WWDC 2019, "Asphalt 9" was introduced as a representative of the Catalyst app, but will be removed from Apple's official website in October. Publisher Gameloft"Slightly delayed" to "improve the gaming experience"That, and commented that it will be released in late 2019. I want to be a bit behind that promise. [/ embed]As for Catalyst, which should be able to port iPad apps to Mac without much hassle, it's actually not so easy"I've encountered some problems," says developersThere was also. It was reported that some older Macs were struggling with processing applications using SceneKit, a framework for developing 3D games, but “ Asphalt 9 '' which expresses powerful and speedy 3D racing also took time to adjust Maybe.

This app is quite large, 2.5GB in size. Check your storage space and note that macOS 10.15 or later is required for the Mac Catalyst app.

Apple isRumors to announce high-end gaming Mac at WWDC this yearThere was also. In the future, it is likely that not only iPad games utilizing Catalyst, but also other popular Windows games will be ported under the surface.


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