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Mac with AMD processor under test? Key to macOS latest beta version-Engadget Japan version

It has long been whispered that future Macs will replace Apple's proprietary Arm-based processors in place of current Intel processors.

However, it has been reported that the latest developer's macOS Catalina 10.15.4 beta has increased references to AMD processors, suggesting another possibility. "_Rogame", a major overseas bulletin board Reddit user, reports on Reddit and Twitter that a reference to an AMD processor was found in the code of macOS Catalina beta. It starts with the 10.15.2 beta released in November and continues to increase to the latest 10.15.4 beta.

Picasso, Raven, Renoir, Van Gogh, etc. in the above images are all code names of AMD's APU (product integrating CPU and GPU). In particular, Renoir, which appeared in 10.15.4 beta, is an indication of the latest APU Ryzen4000 series.

Given that current Mac products use Intel processors, these references lead to speculation that Apple is developing Macs with AMD processors. However, such gossip has not been confirmed from other directions at this time, and this clue may be limited to internal tests.

At the end of last yearTaiwan Media Economic DailyHas reported rumors that Apple will announce a high-end gaming Mac at the 2020 Developer Conference WWDC. At that time, the credibility was questioned, including the results of the economic daily report (for example, the “AirPods Pro's body colors were all eight”), but considering this information However, given the recent performance improvement of AMD processors, it may not be undeniable.

However, as mentioned above, ARM-based processors have been regarded as promising for future Mac processors.Famous analyst Ming-Chi KuoForecast that this will be realized from 2020 to 2021, and there is a trend that Intel officials will adopt it around 2020Suggested.

The A-series chip of the iPhone processor, which is also Arm-based, continues to evolve year by year, and this year's A14 Bionic (provisional) will have the same power as 15-inch MacBook ProThere are also predictions. Will the next-generation Mac in the near future be an AMD processor, or will it finally be ARM-based? Or do you expect Intel processors to continue to be adopted for the foreseeable future?

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