MacDonald greatly expanded,12 month same-store sales fell 2. 1% increase in the slowing,all the base is 2. 7% increase/emerging markets snapshot

*10:02JST <2702> McDonald’s 5170 -100
Significantly anti. 12 month same-store sales compared to the same month the previous year 2. 1% increase was announced. 49 consecutive months of plus, but the growth rate is 11 month [2.7%increase] from the slowed down. The number of customers is 3. 0% increase[month on month 4. 3%], and average spend per customer is 0. 9% decrease [from the same 1. 5% decrease]. Store-based sales of 2. 7% increase[the same 3. 1% increase]. 12 months is”the”renewed sales as”beef Demi-cheese group the”want to sell. Also, the chicken Mac Nuggets 15 pieces 30% discount sales made. 《HH》

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