Machine learning and genomic analysis of the Japanese variety is obviously the Univ, etc

Machine learning and artificial intelligence[AI], and the emergence of the ever you big data analysis has become possible. Japan Medical Research and development is 26, the region of the genomic diversity of the machine learning and visualization to be successful and announced. The Japanese ancestors of the 2 regions has flowed from this, not only regional diversity but also was found.

【Here】Genome information”visualization”of the AI, the efficient analysis of RIKEN, such as new method development

■The environment is the application of diverse humanity

Humankind’s common ancestor is African born in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia which are used for a variety of applications ranging from the move to the spread was. This kind of move in the course of individuals, each adapting to the environment, and diversity but. Live in cold climates individuals store fat,living in the Highlands individual oxygen efficiently so that it can be absorbed,genome sequence diversity is reflected.

Principal Component Analysis called statistical methods,genome information from the race can be identified by. However, countries such as the populations in the areas of Genome Diversity exist or were not clear. Gene array patterns thousands of locations and this is the reason why.

■2 one of the ancestors of the Japanese people, who collective

Osaka University,Tokyo University and other researchers that consists of a group of Japanese from each region gathered approximately 17 million genomic information to the machine learning community the diversity of the”visible”method was developed. Thus, Honshu and Ryukyu, centered 2 groups in the Japanese population is roughly divided into can be found.

Tens of thousands of years ago in Southeast Asia from the emigrated populations and thousands of years ago, from the Korean Peninsula who immigrated populations produce a variety might be, the research group is to guess. Also the Ryukyu Kingdom, centered on the group for this method to reapply this more detailed classification can be found.

Height and BMI and other physical characteristics of the difference region is revealed. The Ryukyu Kingdom, centered on a group of the stature of the predicted value was small on the other hand,a BMI of Greater proved. Okinawa, centered in the region due to Westernization of diet rapid obesity might be caused by that.

In the future, gene-based personalized medicine to the realization of this study have important implications would be, the research group is looking.

Details of the study in the online journal Nature Communications on 26 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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