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Mad Max's new work finally started, auditioning for young Furiosa-Engadget Japan

Mad Max

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A new movie from the movie "Mad Max" series has finally begun.

In the Mad Max movie that Miller will work on next, Furiosa who appeared in "Angry's Death Road" became the day before the protagonist, and the audition of the leading actress to replace Charlize Theron is already in progress.

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"Mad Max: Fury Road" was a big hit in 2015 (Mad Max: Fury Road), the fourth work in the series starting with the first work in 1979, Mad Max.

The series' director, George Miller, was planning to start shooting the fourth film, which will later become "Angry's Death Road", in 2001, but due to various adverse conditions and external accidents, eventually Has started shooting in 2012 and has been released until 2015.

For this reason, a huge amount of plots, characters, back stories, and designs have been produced, and the director has already prepared multiple screenplays and storyboards before the release of "Deathroad", of which One said it would be Captain Furiosa's Gaiden "Mad Max: Furiosa."

This Furiosa story was produced as an animation played by staff such as Masahiro Maeda, and another Max Mae Nitan was released as a game. , The anime plan has disappeared before the release of Death Road. (The game has been released as an open world action).

As a result of the huge hit of'Angry Death Road 'that was released to the public, Director Miller intended to immediately start the new work that he has been talking about for a while, but there was a lawsuit over payment by Warner and the director. Because of this, the actual shooting did not start, and the last five years have been the state in which the “Angry Deathroad Sequel” has not been able to proceed while endlessly talking about the concept and preparation.

Against this backdrop, Director Miller told the New York Times:

-Mad Max's new work will be the day before the story that Furiosa is kidnapped and becomes a battalion commander

・ Because it was a young story, another actress plays instead of Charlize Theron. Audition in progress

・ Considering applying rejuvenation makeup to CG with Charlize Theron, it is judged that it does not look natural yet

・ Currently, a fantasy romance movie Three Thousand Years of Longing starring Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba is in production, and the shooting schedule for this spring is being delayed due to the new coronavirus. The furiosa movie is after this

Such a place. What is particularly interesting is the part where I abandoned after studying for a long time whether to make Theron rejuvenate and make appearance.

Despite some daring efforts such as Netfuri's Irishman played by Deniro and Al Pacino in CG make-up, he says he still thinks there is an "uncanny valley." "Everyone seems to be able to solve it in one step, led by a Japanese video game designer, but I think the valley is still big at the moment."

Although it is a story after the movie industry has begun to move again or a new production method adapted to the times has been discovered, it is possible to actually shoot, but Mad Max's world, which has been repeating that there are only a few more stories, It seems that we will be able to enjoy it again at the movie theater soon.

Furiosa ’s Back: George Miller Discusses the Next ‘Mad Max’ Movie-The New York Times

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