Made fenders to fit 17-inch thick wheels ホ イ ー ル Fastest monster 240ZG 2

The wheel is the Pana Sport Racing G7-C8S, which had longed to be the only way to put it on the 240ZG. Select a very large size of 17 × 10J on the front and 17 × 11J on the rear.

The tires 245 / 40R17 and 255 / 40R17 are mounted on this. Since the over fender is shaped according to this set, it is designed to be able to run from the circuit to the general road without interfering with the fender at this height.

This powerful wide body is equipped with an L28 modified 3.0L engine, the transmission is a Route 6 cross, and the suspension is tuned up for vehicle harmonics and brakes. He is rampaging on the circuit with the policy of "I'll ride myself and ride myself".

The L28 type 3.0L specification is a high-speed specification with a Yiseko φ89 mm piston, L20 type connecting rod, L28 type crank, and Crower 78 degree cam. The carburetor is Solex 50PHH, and the radiator is a side tank type.

The inside of the car and the floor seem to be quite tired compared to the coolness and speed of the appearance, but this gap is unique to Oba. Autometer tachometer and additional Ramco meters are embedded. It is equipped with a full bucket seat of Brid and a 4-point roll bar.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.002 November 2013 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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