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Made in Japan alcohol spray one! Moisturizes hands and has a great effect on mosquitoes

Sun Flora announced the resale of "ALC 75% blended Alcohol Hand Spray One 60ml" which was released on July 20, 2020 and sold out immediately.
The price is 598 yen [tax included]. Two types: unscented and lemongrass.

■ Contains moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid and glycerin

"60 ml of Japanese Alcohol Hand Spray One with 75% ALC" was produced with an alcohol concentration of 75%, which is recommended for anti-virus measures, and contains moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

It is a product that can moisturize your hands while preventing viruses.
Lemongrass is said to be extremely effective against mosquitoes and can also be used as a repellent for summer. [It's not an insect repellent spray.]


Sunflora ALC 75% blended Japanese alcohol spray one [unscented] hand mist

Sunflora ALC 75% blend Japanese alcohol spray one [lemongrass] hand mist

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