Madonna crashes in Paris and recovers from crying

Madonna [61] was crying after a crash from a chair on the stage during a performance in Paris on the night of the 27th, the British newspaper reported. According to the newspaper, Madonna, barely standing up, helped by one of the back dancers, left the stage, supporting her body with her cane, crying.

Madonna has been suffering from injuries to her buttocks and knees for a long time, but she did not seem to have taken care of the accident and recovered safely. A few days later, he was on Instagram to publicize a performance at the same venue on the night of the 29th.

From the beginning of the tour, Madonna, who has been fighting severe injuries from injury, has performed in Paris while performing multiple treatments to heal the pain. Eight more performances are scheduled until March 11.

Madonna canceled the performance in Lisbon just 45 minutes ago on January 19, but returned to a performance there on the 21st, but stopped the performance on the 22nd again. Since the "Madame X" tour began, the performance has been canceled for the 10th time.

Madonna also canceled the London show on the 27th, but apologized deeply to her fans and said, "I have to listen to my body to put my health first. I do not want to compromise, so I will continue the tour until it becomes impossible. "

Two fans have recently filed lawsuits for delaying last year's performance in New York by two hours, with criticism rushing to continually cancel the performance. [New York = Naoko Kame]

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