Madonna offers rental apartment to Prince Henry

U.S. singer Madonna [61] has posted a video on official Instagram and offered to rent her luxury apartment in New York, U.S.A., owned by Princess Meghan that she had left the British royal family and moved to Canada. It has become.

While sitting in front of the dressing table and having her make-up, she told the Prince and Henry, who were staying in a mansion on Vancouver Island through the mirror, "Don't escape to Canada. It's very boring. [New York City] I'll rent my apartment on the Upper West Side, it has two bedrooms, windows with the best views of Manhattan, and even a balcony. "

"I can't beat Buckingham Palace compared to Central Park West," he said, suggesting moving from Canada to the exciting New York. Madonna's ultra-luxury apartment, reportedly worth $ 7.3 million, seems to be an excellent property for Princess Meghan, who is said to have plans to return to Hollywood. [Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose]

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