Maezawa says, "You can pay attention only to money"

ZOZO founder Yusaku Maezawa [44] commented on his criticisms such as "only paying attention with money", saying, "As long as professionals are happy to be focused on what they are good at" Spelled.

Mr. Maesawa has been talking about the launch of a New Year's Day gift program for Twitter followers on the New Year's Day, following last year. Furthermore, on the 6th, he announced that he will announce “Large new project, following the New Year's Day tomorrow evening”, and made the Internet nervous.

Maezawa later mentioned in a tweet, "I can only be spotlighted on money. Everything that comes up is related to money. I play with money." He admitted, "Yes, that's right." Then, "It's a good point for a manager to show where and how he spends money, how he pays attention, and how he increases his money. "I'm happy as a professional," he said, "Please look forward to the announcement of tomorrow!"

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