Magical Book Exchange Diary Episode 7 Part 2 "My Sister" (Final Story)

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Magical Book Exchange Diary Episode 7 Part 2 "My Sister" (Final Story)

◆ Synopsis

The girl “ Mel '' who has no good thing and should not have such a talent is bought on the net by “ Moshna '' who claims to be a witch, and is assigned “ Lou '' as her sister, and writes “ Magical book exchange diary '' To that. The exchange diary appears to have two books, one each for Mel and Lou, but the substance was "one", and it was a magic book itself written by an automatic clerk. Lou uses censorship magic to fill in "black" in order to prevent Mel from reading it, because his or her own heart is written without permission. Lou, who has a lot of secrets, finally activates the "exposure" magic that Mel destroys the black paint. What Lou does not want to know, extraordinary desires and impulses are exposed under the sun, but Mel gives the words Lou wanted most. And even if it disappears, "memories" are made, and "the day" finally comes. And if you do not defeat the "enemy", you cannot move forward.

◆ Drawing / Original Profile

Manga / Character Design: Io Hashikami

Original work / Screenplay: Kyoko Sanji (Mikuni Kei)

◆ Making a flier named Postscript after the main story is posted.

That's why a book will be released for Amazon's Kindle in February 2020.

In addition, this work is also a sample / prototype of the application work of “ GIGAZINE Manga Award '', and if you want to debut with such a full color / full digital manga, please refer to the following link for details Please apply. Then, thank you in advance.

“ GIGAZINE Manga Award '' Started recruiting in January 2020 & Top drawing making looks like this-GIGAZINE

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