Magical handwriting on the signboard !? I saw love in the “Imaibashi Soba restaurant” full of D.I.Y standing eaters / Standing eaters roaming: 190th Ichinoe, Tokyo

A cold wind that pierces your skin. I'm not good at winter. But I (Nakazawa) may be feeling open now because this is a big bridge and a cloudless sky is spreading in front of me.

A few minutes walk from Toei Shinjuku Line Ichinoe Station. The old Edogawa, which flows slowly, is too plain to call it a superb view, but it gives you a sense of relief. As I walked near the river, I found a stand-up soba restaurant with a clear handwritten sign.This is magic?

・ Overflowing D.I.Y feeling

When I approached it so as to be drawn to the D.I.Y sensation overflowing from the exterior, I found the outside menu of the signboard. Kake soba is 230 yen, tempura soba 300 yen, curry rice 400 yen, the price range is quite cheap. Of course, this signboard is full of handmade feelings. I'm obviously doing the painting of the ground color by hand.It ’s too creator.

When I looked at the store, a little more detailed menu was stuck on the outside wall. Is there a kakiage tempura (400 yen)? And this is the first time that the name of this store is known. At the end of the menu, “Imaibashi Soba” was written. A little individualCalligraphy.

・ Storekeeper betraying expectations

When entering the store, there are only a few seats on the L-shaped counter and the wall. The shopkeeper is silently fried in the kitchen.Someone who seems a little scared? However, since there is no meal ticket machine, it doesn't start without talking. So I tried to speak out …

“Oh! Welcome !! It ’s fried deep fried now! If you do n’t fry all the deep fried, you ’ll lose!”An unexpected pop response. Apparently not a scary person.

・ Curry is popular

So, after waiting for the shop owner to fry, I ordered it. When you order tanuki soba (280 yen) and curry rice (400 yen), the shop owner says, "Our curry is Umaizo!"The secret of taste is not using oil.

In addition, the owner says that the kakiage is also good. It is said that sweet potatoes are finely chopped into common kakiage, such as cherry shrimp, leeks and carrots.In addition, from the point where I made the first voice to this point, I was just talking.

・ But refuse

And this curry and kakiage are excellent compatibility. The owner's secret recommended menu seems to be “curry kakiage soba”. Then, when I asked if it could be changed, the shopkeeper put out an aura that looked like "I can't do it now."Say early.

However, because I am sorry to say that it is impossible, when I asked if I could change tanuki soba to kakiage soba (300 yen), this was accepted. Probably because it was easy to prepare for kakiage.

・ Secrets revealed one after another

Kakiage soba is completed with "Uchi no Soba is Umaizo!" By the way, in addition to buckwheat flour and wheat flour, the secret of taste is that the yam is powdered and kneaded.He / she tells secret very much.

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When you eat it, the kakiage is a bit heavier than crispy.The sweetness is packed in the crunchy texture and the sweet taste. The taste of the soup is rich and sweet soy sauce that matches the refreshing soba.

And the curry has a gentle taste. This is also a refreshing taste, probably because it does not use oil.

Certainly the weight and sweetness of the kakiage look good. There are people who go from Koiwa every day to eat this curry.No, I don't know.

・ Loved soba restaurant

While eating while talking like that, a customer came in. Saying instead of greetings, "Oh ?? Many customers today!"

“That's right! Curry rice? It ’s time-consuming, so I recommend kakiage soba !!” A person who is serious and hateful. While feeling relaxed, I went out of the store after checking out.It was 720 yen.

……Wait a minute! Tempura soba is 300 yen and curry and rice is 400 yen, so it's 20 yen higher than the menu !! Even if the price of the menu is tax notation, the calculation does not fit, so maybe it may be a little higher than the menu unknown. Well, obviously D.I.Y. It may not have been corrected.

For the time being, it was listed as information, but when it comes to my personal feelings, it was about 20 yen higher, so there was nothing wrong. Perhaps there are many customers who gather at this store.I felt so much love between the store and the customers.

Shop owners like customers, and customers like shops. There are many restaurants where standing soba noodles have such a relationship, but it is rare that they are so loved. If you are interested in seeing this article, please enjoy the shopkeeper's character and curry kakiage soba.

・ Store information introduced this time

Store nameImaibashi soba store
Street address(3-55-4 Edogawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
business hours7: 00-18: 00
Regular holidayIrregular holidays

Report:Seiko Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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