Mai Shiraishi is "Samurai" SNS confession NO! Yuki Chiba praised

Actors Yudai Chiba [30] and Mai Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi [27] will be on the 12th in Tokyo just before the release of the movie “The smartphone was just dropped, but the captive murderer” [released on 21st, directed by Hideo Nakata] attended.

This is the second installment of the movie "I just dropped my smartphone" released in November 2008. Chiba starring as a detective with a secret, and Shiraishi as Chiba's lover, played a heroine involved in a new incident. The publicity is approaching, and the number of appearances on TV programs in public relations is increasing, but both of them are shy. Chiba said, "The relationship between the two of us is said to be" matchmaking "from the people who watched the program.

When Shiraishi said, "I'm calling him" Chiba-san ", but I want to get rid of it," Chiba rejoiced, "Oh, how!" Chiba urged me to say, "It's called" Bachi ". It's okay to be" Chiba "at all." Shiraishi called out "Bachi."

Chiba confessed, "I used to call me" Shiraishi-san "on the spot, but in the background it was called" Mayan "." Shiraishi laughed, "I'd like" Bachi "and" Mayan ". Bachi, please!"

On this day, we conducted a questionnaire on SNS in a project to survey the love consciousness of the audience. Shiraishi answered "NO" when asked, "Is it a confession on SNS? "I don't know if anyone can hit it if it's a letter or it's over the screen. I want you to look at the other person's eyes and say it. I think my feelings will be halfway, and even men and women should say directly I think it is. " Chiba praised, "I like this place! I call this place a samurai."

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