Mai Shiraishi's photo book totals 460,000 copies 29th reprint

Nogizaka 46 Mai Shiraishi [27] 's second photo book "Passport" [Kodansha] was reprinted in the 29th reprint with 60,000 copies, and the cumulative number of copies exceeded 460,000, it was found on the 21st.

The work was released in February 2017, and the first edition was 100,000 copies, but it was reprinted almost every month and ranked first in Oricon's annual photo book sales ranking of the same year. The following 18 years, sales continued to grow with last year. On 14th of this month, the release of a limited cover version commemorating Nogizaka 46's graduation was announced, and attention was rising again. Of the photobooks of the "Sakamichi Series", which continues to be a huge hit, 460,000 is the top figure.

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