Mai Watanabe is a new sensual gravure Husband JOY is also looking forward

On the 20th, the company announced the release of the first digital gravure photo book "change" [Kodansha] of model Watanabe Mai [30] who married a talent JOY [35] in June last year. Released on 22nd, this work will be the first in the new sensual gravure "Nude Beauty Series" of beauty media "VOCE".

Many talents such as Minami Tanaka teamed up with photographer Kazutaka Nakamura who trusts, and said, “ If you can see everything completely new, you got married and entered the thirties, there were various changes '' I took on the challenge with a strong desire.

"Beauty" itself is a work that generously exposes a supple body line, such as an unprotected lingerie and an indulgent bride wearing a wedding dress.

Watanabe revealed on Instagram, "I was at a loss to say honestly, but the staff's enthusiasm for this project and what many people chose for the first project of the new project" There is. He added, “I wanted to leave a photo that would make me think that it was beautiful from the same gender, so I decided to accept this project.”

He added, “I have the word“ nude ”in it, but I haven't taken it off”, and added, “Of course JOY is looking forward to it,” about her husband, JOY.

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