Major Department stores 4 on sales,reduce working hours or leave the sound as the year-on-year by more than 60% of the greatly reduced

Major Department stores of 4 on sale, the new corona virus infection prevention of short sales, closed and in-store customer decline reaching 14 as of the date against the same period last year more than 60% of the greatly reduced into Got. The government’s emergency Declaration temporarily closed stores is increasing, just 4 Months 1 months of sales is depressed and closed, the movement of accelerating from a tough situation.

【Here】Government a new type of Corona emergency Declaration received,Department stores and mass merchandisers in succession closed to

Tokyo’s Ginza Mitsukoshi,Isetan Shinjuku store, such as Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings of directly managed stores 5 Store 14 days of sales for the year-to-year comparison 80. A 1% suffered a significant decrease. Sapporo City of Sapporo Marui Mitsukoshi Department store,Nagoya, Japan Nagoya Mitsukoshi, such as affiliate management, including the group’s Department stores whole and 68.8% decrease was recorded.

The Tokyo Metropolitan area the Isetan Mitsukoshi directly managed stores 5 store emergency Declaration along with the 8 day from the entire week was for 9 days from iwataya Mitsukoshi 3 Store, 12 days from Nagoya Mitsukoshi Department store, such as groceries at the market, except temporarily closed for rang.

Takashimaya Department store in Osaka’s Osaka store in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi store, such as directly operated 12 stores and,Okayama-Shi, Okayama Takashimaya Department store, such as a subsidiary operation of 3 stores of the 14 days of sales compared to the same period last year,62.8%decreased. Visit to Japan of foreign tourists fell sharply in duty free sales is 98. 4% to a record was negative.

Takashimaya is from the 8th to the majority of the groceries market except to buy into,Gifu City, Gifu, Gifu Takashimaya on the 11th of Kyoto, Kyoto, Kyoto to the West shops from the 15th week to.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department stores is 14th for the year-to-year comparison 68%of the decrease. Duty free sales is 99% and almost crippling the state have fallen into. Osaka Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Daimaru Department store Umeda,Tokyo Matsuzakaya Ueno store 7 Store 8 days from a smoke will be closed from 15, Kyoto Daimaru Kyoto store food floors only sales at the Nagoya Matsuzakaya Department store,Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City of Matsuzakaya Toyota shop to weekdays only sales as a to. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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