Make a request for the "deer" road sign! The direction of the corner is opposite!! → When I contacted the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, a surprising fact was discovered.

"It's a scoop!"It is the only secret here that I decided the guts pose in my mind. Even when I was a Nanchatter newspaper reporter, I was completely unrelated to Scoop [K. Masami]. However, it seems that Tsuki is finally turning.

You all know the signs that call attention to the jumping out of animals. It's a yellow one standing by the side of the road. Some people call me a warning sign, but I see it on highways. It is mommy that a deer is drawn on that sign, but… the horns are in the opposite direction! ‥

It's a public sign, but why don't you make such a mistake? It may have been some intention, but in the unlikely event that no one is aware. I contacted the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and found a surprising fact that I had to tell him immediately.I wonder if there was such a reason…

・I asked the MLIT

One time I was driving down a mountain road. The passenger said, "Isn't that deer sign strange?" I've never felt uncomfortable with the warning signs of deer marks, but the angles are certainly unnatural. The direction is the opposite of the deer horns seen in Nara Park. It is stretching in the direction of travel.

If there were a deer with such a positive horn, it would be difficult to eat the bait. This is crazy. However, it may be a misunderstanding between the reporter and the passenger. I thought so, and when I went through the official website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism about road signs, the opposite was true.Why… ‥

The reporter called the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Then, an unexpected reply came back.

Road signs are set by the United Nations.

No way, worldwide!! When I hurriedly googled the signs for overseas animal jumping out, it was confirmed that there were things with the opposite corner directions. That means that there may be some guys in the world whose angle is different from the deer in Nara Park…? ‥

Just in case, I asked the person who responded to the phone about the kind of deer that became the model of the sign, but he said, "I don't know that much." I can't help it. I'm not sure, but if it's decided internationally, I won't say anything more.

・Flexible animal warning signs

However, a warning sign about the jumping out of this animal,Quite flexibleIt seems Basically it is a deer mark, but it is possible to change the mark according to the animals jumping out on the spot and the situation. Surely you don't see raccoon dogs or bear signs. So that's it.

I mentioned earlier that I had never felt uncomfortable with the deer warning sign. Certainly, the reporter is alive with a rush. Most things are captured in a general framework. But there's a reason I've never wondered about deer warning signs.

・Pay attention to warning signs in Nara

The reason is… the reporter lives,The direction of the deer warning signs in Nara is correct.Body! What does that mean? Most of the signs are facing backwards, not so-called official marks with corners extending in the direction of travel around Nara Park.

No wonder, until now, nothing was strange. When I contacted the Nara prefectural government office, he said that he knew the direction of the official mark deer antler. However, it's fair to say that the design has been changed so that the deer in Nara have the same orientation as the deer.

I have no professionalism for deer!!It is a technique that can be done only because it is a flexible warning sign for animal jumping out, but it is an episode where you can feel the love for deer.

No, but the road signs are also deep. I had never thought that the story would spread to the international level. While I was delighted that it was a scoop, the result was that I could only feel my ignorance. The world isn't that sweet. Well, it's not good just to recognize Nara's love for deer again.

Reference source:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism official website

Report:K. Masami

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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