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Make your adventure and playful! Meet new ones with “Coffret Doll Art Creator Eye & Face / W Color Mascara”!

A vivid color lineup that excites your heart! !

From the popular cosmetic brand “COFFRET D’ OR” that tickles the fun of adults, you can enjoy a variety of finishes in one palette."Coffret Doll Art Creator Eye & Face"And you can become a sophisticated eye with two calculated colors"Coffret Doll W Color Mascara"Is new! I tried it for the fascinating accent eye!

New winter 2019! The theme is “SWITCH! COLORS”

“Coffret Doll Art Creator Eye & Face” (3 types, 3,500 yen excluding tax (according to editorial department)), November 16 release (Limited)Is an eye and face color palette where you can enjoy a variety of finishes in one palette. It is a set of six carefully selected nuance colors, trendy vivid colors, and pearl colors. Vibrant color lineup full of individuality. Depending on the combination of colors, you can enjoy basic noodle makeup, accent makeup with vivid colors, and artistic makeup using the included art sheet!

Check the color of each of the three.

With a set of colors with a sense of the near future, it is finished in a mode and cool look.

The color tone of adults with sweetness is an enchanting look full of lady.

Deep and dark color set for chic and gorgeous deep eyes.

I want to use it together"Coffret Doll W Color Mascara" (2 types in total, 2,800 yen excluding tax)Is a W color mascara with two exquisite colors set. By putting a nuance deep color on the upper eyelashes and an accent color on the lower eyelashes, it is finished in a playful and sophisticated look of adults.

01 for deep bordeaux for upper eyelashes, vivid raspberry pink for lower eyelashes. Finished with a lady-cute eye.

02 for dark grey, dark orange for blood orange. He / she shows to modest mode & casual eyes.

Make yourself a palette! Eye makeup becomes more free

This time, try "02 Neo Romantic" from the diverse lineup of "Coffret Doll Art Creator Eye & Face"!

The nice thing about this palette is that it has a design sheet called "Arty Sheet". Lines and art that are a bit difficult to draw on your own can be easily cleaned simply by placing a shadow on the sheet!

Let's start with basic nudity makeup.

First, turn the elegant pink beige ③ on your entire eyelid.

If you put in the line ⑥ brown of the tightening color along the wrinkles of the eyes …

Completed nudity makeup perfect for everyday use. A simple but deep nuance eye.

Next, challenge to make an accent when you want to change your mood! If you spread ③ on the upper eyelid, put the cute pink accent color from ① in the center of the lower eyelid …

This is where Arty Sheet comes into play!

When you put the sheet on the eyelid, put the vivid pink color from ⑤ on your finger so that it pops. The sheet is made of silicon and is very soft.

Completion of a playful little devil eye with a cute lame pink accent color! There is a mysterious atmosphere and it is a fascinating look.

At the end, challenge the Artificial Eye to enjoy more drastically! I tried using a combination of small squares and dot-shaped artisan sheets. Although it seems a little daring, there was a new discovery: “Eye makeup can be enjoyed so far!” I'm surprised that you can enjoy makeup with different impressions in the same palette. Each color was vivid and beautiful!

Use W color mascara for more impressive eyes!

I tried the W color mascara “01 Bordeaux x Raspberry Pink” according to the makeup of the Eye & Face Palette!

Turn on deep red purple bordeaux on the upper eyelashes. Slim shape brush is easy to paint.

Vivid raspberry pink on the lower eyelashes. A small brush will catch the eyelashes on the eyes and corners of your eyes.

The eyelashes are beautifully separated and finished in a deep, ready eye. Because it is waterproof, it did not fall even when wet, and it had sufficient curl sustainability.

I met new myself with playful color makeup!

The palettes and mascara introduced this time are perfect for those who are looking for regular eye makeup and who want to enjoy playful makeup in the upcoming event season.

“Coffret Doll Art Creator Eye & Face” and “Coffret Doll W Color Mascara” will be available from November 16th at Coffret Doll shops and online shops.

Because it is a limited quantity release, let's check early if you are interested!

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