Make your own Porsche 911RSR? A long way a person walked ②

In the summer of 2008, the Chris family returned to England, and the two cars were transported in the same container to Chris's father-in-law's garage. Moreover, the newly purchased garage was not large enough to hold two cars vertically, and for a while after that, the project did not progress easily. Also, Chris, who worked as a freelance designer at that time, had little time to spend on the car. Still, he said he was concentrating on bodywork so as to spare his spare time.

Installation of fresh FRP body panels [fenders, bonnets, bumpers, engine lids] was the main, but it was not so easy.

“When I put the panel out of the box, it wasn't optimistic until it was installed as it was, but the front bumper was out of size and needed to be cut off from the center and narrowed down. “We didn't have the brackets, so we had to make them, and after adjusting the panel to an acceptable level, we were finally able to consider painting,” Chris recalls.

Here, the project has entered an interesting phase. What to do with painting.

"From the beginning, I didn't think about spending a lot of money on this car. I read about the paint method using a roller two or three years before I started painting, so I used a 10cm wide high-density paint. I decided to paint with a last-orium metal paint using a roller, which was repeated every 12 times, then dried and then polished.It was a hard work and it took about 2 months. I admit that it's not an exhibition level finish and I can't say that the process works for everyone, but I'm happy with it, because I chose that method and I need to repair or replace parts in the future I don't have to worry about hurting the expensive paint even if it becomes. "

The total cost of the painting process was about $ 100. It's not bad in terms of cost effectiveness. The advantage of this method was also demonstrated when the engine mounted on Chris was changed. “I originally intended to keep the 4-cylinder engine as it was, but I decided to use the 911 2.2-litre engine, which I had to cut off and replace the 912 engine mount. But once we've done the welding, the rest is easy, and we just need to polish it and paint over the weld. ''

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