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Makeup base that can be used from above the foundation! "SHISEIDO Synchro Skin Tone Up Primer Compact" for pore-free, bright and smooth skin

It can be used not only for the base but also for makeup!

SHISEIDO first! Compact type primer"SHISEIDO Synchro Skin Tone Up Primer Compact"Appeared!使 え る It is a convenient item that can be used not only on the makeup base, but also on the foundation to re-make it, and can be attached without soiling your hands. Moreover, while giving moisture to the skin, it gives a smooth, bright skin with less noticeable pores, fine lines, and uneven color. I tried such an innovative new base makeup!

SHISEIDO's new base makeup! The first compact type primer for smooth and bright skin!

Shiseido Co., Ltd."SHISEIDO" has developed a new base makeup that synchronizes with the skin to produce natural beautiful skin! This time, I will pick up a compact type of primer.

"SHISEIDO Synchro Skin Tone Up Primer Compact" (1 kind, 13g, suggested retail price 4,800 yen excluding tax * Compact case with puffs, released February 1, 2020)Is equipped with advanced tone-up technology. While moisturizing the skin, it covers pores, fine lines, and uneven color, and finishes the skin bright and smooth without dullness. As it can be used not only as a makeup base but also on the foundation, it is also convenient for repairing makeup on the go.

SPF24 / PA ++ also has a UV cut effect, so it is safe because it protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. Because it is non-comedogenic and has been tested for allergies, it is nice that there is little irritation to the skin.

Moisturizes and raises the foundation's glue

Try Synchroskin Tone Up Primer Compact!

A stylish and cute design with a light pink line and a red line.

The compact has a puff and a mirror, so it's convenient to make up on the go.

Creamy and fresh balm-like texture. I don't feel any fragrance.

The texture is fresh and slightly pink to tone up the skin brightly!

Next, apply it to the entire face as a base. Tap under your eyes and into the center of your cheeks. I am glad that it can be applied without getting your hands dirty, even though it is a makeup base.

Feel the skin moist and fresh with a cool touch.

The dullness is corrected and the tone rises naturally!で It feels very light and feels like you're not wearing anything.

The forehead, chin, and contours are adjusted by sliding the puff.

With a fresh and supple feel that moisturizes the skin, it gives a smooth and smooth finish.

The pores and unevenness of the skin, fine wrinkles, and uneven color were corrected very naturally, and a translucent glossy skin was completed.

I tried using the liquid foundation and the powdery foundation, respectively, from the top of the primer.と こ ろ When used from the top of the makeup, the foundation is not distorted, the gloss is added, and the skin tone is improved. The result is beautiful.

Because of its high skin care effect, it is recommended for those who are worried about dry skin, those who want to cover dullness, pores, irregularities, etc. naturally, and those who want to use W for makeup base & makeup repair.

Purchase from department stores nationwide, SHISEIDO official website, Shiseido's comprehensive beauty site "Watashi Plus" and more!

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