Makoto Kumagai "I was kind and gentle" Okae mourns

Kumiko Okae, who died on the 23rd because of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, and actress Mami Kumagai [60] who co-starred on the TBS lifestyle information program “Hanamaru Market” [Monday to Friday 8:30 am].

"I've been with Okae for a year at the market, Baku Owada has been with us for a long time. Shinya Owada has been on stage for a long time. My daughter Miho also Mr. Okae has always been with me since I was young, even when I was young, and I was always cheerful, fun, and friendly. Kind. Kind. Kind. Gentle. I wish you all the best. Thank you, Mr. Okae. I wanted to see you again. " [Original text]

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