Malaysian politicians also visit Kento Momota, promised support

A badminton men's singles Kento Momota [25 = NTT East Japan], who is expected to win a gold medal at the 20th Tokyo Olympics [Olympics], was caught in a traffic accident in Kuala Lumpur on his expedition on the 13th.

A pick-up wagon truck that was on board to the airport from the hotel where it stayed hits a large truck ahead on the highway. The driver died. Momoda, who was sitting in the second row, was injured on her face, though she had no other life. The Japan Association has announced a full-body bruise. In addition, coach Yu Hirayama and Satoshi Morimoto trainer were injured.

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Malaysian politicians visited a hospital where Momoda was treated in the accident. The side youth and sports minister, who met, promised support, saying, "A painful accident. Let Momota and others get the best treatment." "The results of CT examinations and the like have shown that [Momoda] is not seriously injured and is heading for a better way. I hope he can be discharged soon." According to the state-run Bernama News Agency, Prime Minister Mahathir's wife, City Hasma [93], visited the hospital on Wednesday, watching a game of Momota. A photo delivered by the news agency shows Momoda with gauze on his nose and right arm and a cut in his eyebrows. Ambassador Hiroshi Oka of the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia rushed to visit. Former competitor Lee Chongwei, a former competitor of Momoda who won the third consecutive Olympic silver medal, also visited the hospital and said, "I hope for a quick recovery." [Joint]

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