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Malicious hacking occurred on the PC version of "Fallout 76". Player's item is uprooted and stolen-Engadget Japan

BethesdaIn MMORPG "Fallout 76", a player's equipment and possession items were stolen by malicious hacking.

The incident occurred on a PC publishing server. Hackers remotely hacked players within the area shown on the screen, and uprooted weapons, armor and items they had. The actually damaged user is uploading the play image at the time, and it contains a pattern that the appearance of the character becomes instantaneously naked at the moment of being hacked (around 1 minute 27 seconds of the video) .

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Bethesda Softworks, the developer, has stated that "stolen items cannot be recovered," and will consider a different form of compensation for the affected players. Victims have been notified to contact customer support.

In addition, this malicious hacking has been dealt with by maintenance performed on December 23 (local time). Initially, the only way to prevent this was to avoid the publishing server, and users without a private server had to stop playing, but they can now resume playing with peace of mind.

This game was expected to be the first online game in the popular Fallout series, but is often headwinds due to a number of bugs and overlapping operational mistakes. In addition, critics were criticized for the emergence of a monthly plan that allowed players to play more favorably, and a situation in which the real non-charged users attacked the charged users and entered a state of the real century.

It will be interesting to see if this one is going to be a headwind or an opportunity to raise your reputation and what kind of compensation will be made in the future.

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