[Malignant? 】 Face stains gradually darken and become three-dimensional → Result of going to dermatology while throbbing …

Do you like hospitals? I don't think there are people who like it very much, but I (P.K.Not good at hospital. If it's a mild cold, I'll spend it with a "free" and dentists have avoided it as much as possible.

Such a thing that I have been neglected for the past one or two years is that I was able to faceStainIt is. Age is age and I am not interested in seeing it. A man,It ’s okay to have a stainI thought … but in the last few months, the color suddenly darkened and finally became three-dimensional. When this happens … I'm a little bit shy.

・ Leave stains

Again, I'm not good at hospitals. If you go, it ’s not a big deal, but it ’s still not good for you. On the other hand, my head said, “I have never been to the hospital early.”I understand perfectly. Regardless of the outcome, there is no doubt that early detection & treatment is the best option.

Still, I left the stain for about 2 years. Because it is a stain. It doesn't hurt or ugly.It's just a stain. As I mentioned at the beginning, even the “simi = hospital” equation did not exist in my head at first because it is not a particularly aesthetic sense.

・ Gradually 3D

But what about the last year?薄 Thin spots will gradually become darker, about half a year agoFinally three-dimensionalI have done it. However, when I first noticed three-dimensionalization, there was only a sense of “scabs?” And I actually tried to force it off.

At that time, I gave up because a little blood came out, but I still can't imagine the idea that I had to go to the hospital. Because … stain? "Do you have a life taken by a stain?? ".

・ Suspected cancer

That one day … An acquaintance told me, “That ’s a gun?” My heart suddenly got ridiculous. At that time, I pretended to be calm, but when I looked into it, there were certainly some cases …A stain that grows as you care. I never went to dermatology.

If this is cancer, what will happen to the remaining 3-year-old daughter? No, what happened before my daughter becameI don't want to leave my daughter. Assuming the worst case, I explained my background to the teacher. Then the teacher said at Mach's speed.

“Typical warts”

Warts? IBO? ”The teacher says,“ It increases with age. Because it is caused by sunburn, please take sunscreen if you are concerned. ” Also in that dayWarts are baked with liquefied nitrogen“It takes about a week and you can get it.”

As a result, the stain evolved into a wart and burned with liquefied nitrogen and disappeared (although it has not been removed yet). This time the warts were harmless, butBut you should go to the hospital early. Even if it is something malignant, early action is already decided.

I know that it is not a position that people can say, but if there is still something to worry about, I recommend that you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. You there are three-dimensional stains. It may be a typical wart …


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