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MAMORIO for Android significantly adds Appe, function to search by camera-Engadget Japan version

Android versionMAMORIOThe app has been significantly updated. It is equipped with several new functions and reduces power consumption.

"MAMORIO" is a left-behind tag attached to baggage such as a wallet or bag. When paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth and the wallet, key, or bag with the tag attached is more than a certain distance from the smartphone, the location and time are notified to the smartphone.

Version 9.00 of the MAMORIO app, which started distribution today (April 1), has a new function, "Search by camera", which shows the location of belongings simply by holding the camera. By estimating the position using radio waves, you can find MAMORIO-containing items indoors without installing a speaker that causes the body size to increase.

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It also has a “Check your belongings” function that allows you to check whether multiple items are nearby. This is a function that monitors the radio waves emitted by MAMORIO in real time. For users who use multiple MAMORIOs, such as "If the signal strength is high, it will be nearby" provides a highly readable UI.


Equipped with new loss prevention logic. Until now, it has been said that the background operation limitation by the OS and the increase in false detections due to the increase in the variety of terminals have been issues, and it is different from the conventional detection engine mainly based on Bluetooth, which is geo-fencing and unique know-how. By renewing the engine using, the power consumption and the false detection are reduced in the actual use environment.


These new features and new engines were already included in the iOS version, but are now available in the Android version.

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