Manaki Akimoto, Nogi's sleeping face shooting rule is "looking at boyfriend"

Nogizaka 46 Mai Shiraishi [27] Manaka Akimoto [26] Miona Hori [23] Yuki Yoda [19] Sakura Endo [18] will be released at Kodansha, Tokyo on the 16th. I attended a press conference.

Captain Akimoto said about the photo book, “Since all the members were shooting with a camera, it was a situation that they could take their faces 365 days a year. I think that the friendship is also a highlight because it is reflected widely. "

Akimoto was praised by a member of the day as a famous photographer. There is an implicit rule when taking a sleeping face of a member. “Study the angle and take a cute shot. Take it from the top or take it from your boyfriend's perspective.” He also shows his own sleeping face photo. "Isn't it an exquisite angle? While observing the subtle atmosphere, I made the interviewers laugh with a strong heart comment, “Because I was cute when I slept from the beginning”.

The photo book is an off-shot photo book taken by members. The first edition was repeated 9 times, reaching a total of 340,000 copies in November this year. In January of this year, the cumulative sales were 320,2044 copies, and it was the No. 1 female idol group sales in the Oricon main ranking photo collection genre that started in April 2008. The second edition of this work will also be overprinted before release. The total number of copies issued has reached 200,000.

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