Mao Asada's cake, marriage "when the time comes"

Figure skater Mao Asada [29] received a "birthday cake" a month early. A new web video online presentation of "Alsoa Skin Care" by Alsoa, which manufactures and sells cosmetics and health foods, was held on the 20th, showing the episodes at the time of shooting. With a set that recreates his home, he said, "You can relax when you have a cushion on the stage or feel at home," he smiled.

There is a chime sound at the entrance at the end of the meeting. What opened the door and was carried in was a large cake with the words "MAO 30 HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written on it. As he celebrated his 30th birthday on the 25th of next month, he said, “First ride! Amazing, I was surprised!” "I've been doing skating mainly for 10 years from 20 to 30 years old, but I think that 30 years old will start from zero again. I also want to start my feelings from zero," he said.

The representative question after the event asked about marriage. "Well, it's also the 30th anniversary year, but I'm excited from the beginning, so I'm excited. If that time comes, I wonder if that will happen. In various ways, I want to follow the flow of nature."

Last week, the Mao Asada Thanks Tour, which he chaired, resumed for the first time in about six months. After successfully completing the Shiga performance, such as limiting the number of spectators to residents in the prefecture, "all the customers were masked, but I could see their smiles and facial expressions. I thought that their applause was warm." "It's still a tough situation, but I'll look forward. Everyone, let's do our best," he called.

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