Maomi Yuki, "Mama's smart", two new challenges while refraining from self-control

Talent Maomi Yuki [40] is expanding his range of work while spending his self-restraining days.

Pilates, who is an instructor, holds remote lessons using the online conference system “Zoom”. We are launching a new radio program “letter from” using the audio distribution application “Stand fm” and taking on new challenges. While raising two girls, he is active as a "mom clever" activity.


The work of performing arts began to disappear in February when the new coronavirus spread, and at the end of March it completely disappeared. In September of last year, he had a workshop as a certified instructor of "basi Pilates".

"In the second half of February, I stopped taking Pilates lessons. I started researching Zoom around the beginning of March and now I am doing Pilates online. I use Zoom to teach lessons to 30-40 people. It was a new method because it was a form of gathering up until the end or uploading the VTR to the net and seeing it. "

From April 6th, the day before the emergency declaration was issued, we launched a private radio program "letter from" [Monday to Friday 11:00 pm] using stand fm.

“It was more of a hobby than a job, and I started to hope that someday I would be provided with it. I was confused because I could not do anything in“ STAY HOME ”, but I returned to the origin and talked to people and connected. I'm going to share some fun times with my friends and ask my friends' models to LINE [laughs] I feel like I can do radio programs at home, if I want to do it I see. "

Every Friday, we have a live talk using Zoom with listeners.

“My goal is to be a job, but I'm so relaxed and fun because it's not a job. I feel that the distance from the fans is very close. Without self-restraint, I didn't think I would try. However, I have a great advantage. ''

I have a beautician's husband and 6 and 3 year old girls. He spends his time as a wife and mother in a family of four.

"Daddy also had some days off from work, so it was the first time for a family of four to spend such a long time. Before refraining from self-control, I returned to work and had two daughters eat rice and take a bath. The first thing I would do is put them to sleep and my dad had a job so I could only eat dinner together on my days off. Looking back later, this is the reason that the four family members spent such a long time together. It may be that it was only time. It is important that each one supports each other and is a family. I cherish the limited time of four people. What I gained here is after this I don't want to lose it. "

As I spend more time with my children, I created a "home timetable".

"Since about 10am, I've been studying and doing gymnastics together. My kids can play with tablets only when I have free time. I also do" Parent and Child Pilates "that kids can play with. Masu ”

Marriage and becoming a mother changed my sense of values.

“For the next five to ten years, I want to focus on the life of my child and do work that I can do first at home. As a Pilates instructor, I would like to build my own way of Pilates. I would like to study old martial arts manipulative techniques and add some new essence. If I can communicate in a well-balanced manner about health and beauty in my 40s. "

It's not just self-restraint. Maomi Yuuki is a “mama clever” talent.

◆ Yuki Maomi was born in Saga Prefecture on March 2, 1980 [55]. In 2002, she made her debut in the entertainment world with a commercial for Nori Shirako. Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University in 2003. Have an elementary school teacher license. As a talent and gravure idol, break with the catchphrase "Erotic clever". Saga City Promotion Ambassador. He married a hairdresser who was 3 years older in June 2013. Currently, she is a mother of two girls at ages 6 and 3. 165 cm. Blood type B.

Maomi Yuki answers an interview using the remote system Zoom
Maomi Yuki answers an interview using the remote system Zoom

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