Mari Motohashi "I Want to Invite the Grand Slam Tournament to Japan"

Legends in the sports world talked to each other. On the 30th, "HALF TIME," which deals with sports business PR, holds a conference online.

Judo men's representative Yasuo Inoue [42] Mr. Kosuke Kitajima, who is the second consecutive championship in the two swimming competitions [37], is the 18th Pyeongchang Olympic curling women's bronze medal Mari Motohashi [34] Mr. Daisuke Ohata [44], a former Japanese representative of rugby sports We talked about the present and the future.

Motohashi said, "There's still some curling that's sober. I've never done anything." In addition, as a future goal, regarding the grand slam tournament located at the highest peak of the prize tournament “World Tour” “I have not held it in Japan yet, so I would like to invite the grand slam to Japan. I would like to invite a certain tournament to Japan."

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