Mari Yaguchi, thanks to her husband who struggles to balance work and housework

Mari Yaguchi, 37, who gave birth to her first baby boy last August, said she struggled to balance work with housework and childcare.

Yaguchi updates his blog on the 13th. “ Recently, I haven't been able to play with my smartphone because I've been working and private, and my smartphone hasn't been changed so much, but I'm barely taking pictures, but I've taken a lot of events with my son's photos for SNS and for setsubun and half birthdays. '' Looking back, he said, "What day did you do this day?

"Dinner and baby food can only be made with simple food. [Yesterday we just cooked ginger, pottofu, and tofu with pacchie and dressing. Still better.] I screamed in my life where I could not do my housework even if I thought it was late, but I screamed, “ If I did not have my husband and family support, I could really do it I thank my husband and family again for their willingness and support for dual-income work. Thank you very much. "

Yaguchi remarried a former male model in March 2018. She gave birth to her first child last August and returned to work in October.

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