Mari Yaguchi's “Yamasashi” Mo Musume song showcase?

The idol festival where the idols belonging to Avex met together was held on the 4th from live distribution by an unseen audience from Tokyo LINE CUBE SHIBUYA [Shibuya Public Hall].

The festival is an event linked to ABEMA "Mari Yaguchi's Tuesday The NIGHT" [midnight on Tuesday]. Former Morning Musume on this day. Nori Mari Yaguchi [37] appears as a member of “Yasamaoshi [Mari Yaguchi selection]” that she selected. Yaguchi greeted him by saying, "The oldest of all, I have a child! I'm Mari Yaguchi. Thank you!"

The costume is Morning Musume. He said, "I'll borrow it for a while… I'll clean it up and return it to you." It will be a limited unit only for this day, but "I think it's a waste to do, but I would like to make the world a world-class, if I could hear such a voice," he showed his enthusiasm for future activities. Was there.

At the festival, SKE48's derivative unit “Cumming Flavor”, SUPER★GiRLS, and 7 sets of Wastar appeared. At the end, DJ KOO also appeared, ending the show with TRF's "EZ DO DANCE". A total of 40,000 fans watched the distribution on this day.

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