Marika Matsumoto: "Faithful to the original" and acclaimed voice "Death Hall" Until the Nishi River is created

Marika Matsumoto [35], an actress who appears in the drama “Death Hall” [TV Tokyo series, midnight on Wednesday at 0:12], which is a live-action of Azumikishi's popular manga. It has appeared in the role of the cool Nishikawa, which is characterized by a mole at the mouth, and has been acclaimed on SNS, such as “Nishikawa-san's original is just like the original”. Mr. Matsumoto, who worked on the stoic role, adjusting the position of the mole in “millimeter units,” recalls, “It was a character with high hurdles and honestly, I was not confident.” I interviewed Mr. Matsumoto, who is making this role for the first time.

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