Market Outlook 2 November 3 issue of the FED Chairman,the financial market’s demise, suggesting 新型肺炎 peak after the stock V-type recovery

■I. The U.S. stock market

●1. Powell remarks financial market demise suggested

1] US FOMC meeting [US Open Market Committee]after the press conference, Powell FED Chairman”of FED asset purchases to expand the 4 months to end the possibility of”suggested.

【Previous】Market Outlook 1 29 the issue the U.S. shares to”新型肺炎”is black Swan? In the short term, the rebound high also

2] this remark by the financial market’s demise was near and the concern is investor sentiment cooling. Performance expectations for recovery in the stock price high was in the tech stocks of the lower is larger,adjust color strength to.

3] the FOMC, the excesses for the Fund-provisioning measure appropriately and be reduced to a level that the global value of upper limit up is limited that may be.

●2. Dow 1 May 30, Dow+124 USD High ⇒ 1 May 31, down▲603 dollar

1] 30 day stock market

[1] the United States international infection prevention measures in 新型肺炎 containment and of optimism prevails.
[2] Microsoft and Coca・Cola’s strong result announcement likable as the rise in stock prices. Amazon also strong result announcement.

2] 31 October of the stock market

[1] the WHO’s emergency Declaration and throughout China 新型肺炎 expansion by the US government against China, the travel restrictions announced.
[2] the supply chain of China as a production and logistics concerns,people-to-people exchanges of a decrease in the negative on Tuesday, with the decline in stock prices.

●3. US stock market optimism waned in the poor, the highest value of update is undesirable for one

1] US economy and improved earnings expectations are strong, the optimism waned, and the world stock market decline of the chain of teeth stop help had become.

2] the FED’s supply of funds and the shrinking of economic indicators is substantially worse on the conscious lean the possibilities in the future, the U.S. share of the major indices[Dow, NASDAQ, SP500]the highest value update the views first.

●4. The United States,the World Health Organization [WHO]in 新型肺炎 in the emergency Declaration,2 November 2 implementation

1] Contents: [1] within the last 14 days visited China to foreigners,to enter a temporary ban.
[2] within the last 14 days Hubei visiting Americans,return home for 14 days after isolation.
[3] Hubei non-Chinese visited the U.S., up 14 days at home waiting.

●5. US, China Travel discontinuation of the recommendations,新型肺炎 expansion

1] the US Department 30, the new coronavirus pneumonia due to spread of infection received a,China Travel Information, reviewing the degree of danger to the most high the highest level”travel ban”was raised.

2] rice from China to travel restrictions,protracted if the U.S. economy affect constricted.

・Subsequently, the”China market”analysis to

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