Market Outlook 4 October 7 issue of emergency Declaration will lead to the Japanese economy and the Nikkei average negative impact of 4 months with more than 20 years by the rising moon, this year?

・Yesterday the Nikkei Stock Average rising overseas gimmicks, it takes vigilance
・New Corona by a deteriorating economy, weaving the future

■I. The U.S. stock market

●1. Trump President,additional support measures in the 4th installment of the $ 2 trillion of infrastructure investment to the Parliament on request

【Previous】Market prospects 3 May 30 issue of the previous week’s stock rebound (1) full-scale springing up from (2) No. 2 bottom shooting at signs from

●2. The United States is going out voluntarily request a period of extended growth prospects of further cuts

1) each of the U.S. economic growth Outlook
1~3 months 4~6 Months 1~12 month
Goldman Sachs▲ 9% ▲34% ▲ 6.2% :from the last time the deterioration rate of expansion
(Previous) ▲ 6 ▲24 ▲ 3.7
Deutsche Bank ▲ 2.2 ▲33 -
JP Morgan Bank ▲10.0 ▲25 -
Wells Fargo Bank + 1.2 ▲14.7 -
Morgan Stanley ▲ 2.4 ▲30.1 -

●3. The VIX(fear)index decline in the market signs of stabilization

1) the VIX index is 3 on the 18th of 85. 47, from 4 November 3 is 46. 8 and I 50 below.

2) continuously 40 or less,preferably 30 below the market price stability is in sight, and attention.

■II. China stock market

●1. The World Bank, China’s 2020 economy is 44 years of slow growth showing

1) growth in 2019+6.1%, from the year 2020 or + 2.3%on the plunge. Depending on the situation, + 0.1% growth in May.

●2. New Corona infection, the expansion of the Chinese air transport a major blow

1) infection 5 lasted until December when China’s air transport industry, the loss of▲1,000 billion yuan (about 1.5 trillion 300 billion yen)to reach the view that there is.

2) China Airlines (1) flight cancelled due to sales (2) quarantine the transport of goods, the cost burden of 2 heavy blow and have to. 2 month of passenger traffic year on year 2 on the ratio▲84.5% decrease. China’s Civil Aviation of 2 on loss▲370 billion yuan (about 5,650 billion yen), 3 months▲350 billion yuan (about 5,350 billion yen) to the prospect.

Subsequently, the”Japanese stock market”analysis,”featured stocks”to

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