Market Outlook 8 November 11 issue of the U.S. strain is the material out this week is the peak of possibility

・The United States,[1] rice market [2] telecommunications sector in China to eliminate
・The United States of China’s tough measures turnover in 2017 12 months announced

■I. The U.S. stock market

●1. US stock situation 7/31~8/10 in the DJIA+1,478 dollar [+5.6%], this week is peak potential of the high

1] 8/5,non-manufacturing business climate index fell more than expected, and Corona vaccines like test results DJIA+373 dollar

【Previous】Market Outlook 8 November 5 issue of Japan’s 8 month specific month, 10 consecutive years of foreign selling over,wary of the China Yangtze・Huaihe River Basin, the flood in China’s food crisis fears

2] 8/6,international travel advisories lifted and jobless claims decrease to Lindsay,DJIA+185 dollar.
・The U.S. State Department International Travel Advisory Level 4 to unlock the airline or travel agent to help.
・Us Weekly Jobless Claims expected to decline.
・Presidential decree for economic help from to and expectations strong.

3] 8/7,Friday 7 March in the number of employees which exceeded market expectations, the unemployment rate is slightly lower, the Dow+46 dollar.

4] 8/10,additional economic measures of the President signed a decree of Lindsay,+357 dollar.
・NASDAQ Composite is a 2 consecutive day,8/10, is Apple except for Amazon・Tesla・Netflix・Microsoft・zoom and leading stocks fell noted.

5] this additional economic measures decision is the material out, and the This Week stock price peak of likely.

●2. Trump President’s remarks・signing

1] 8/6 say,”Jobs return to the United States for all means”.

2] Presidential Decree 8/8 signature.
[1] unemployment insurance benefits plus extension [7 to the end of the month plus a week to $ 600 this week for $ 400][2] annual income of 10 million dollars less than the payroll tax a temporary exemption [for a period of 9/1~12/31] in
[3] the rent payable in the accompanying dwelling eviction of grace extended
[4] student loan repayment, reduction or exemption of

●3. US stock is,earnings and additional economic positive there is now an answer to perspectives for potential

1] Trump presidential decree by”additional economic policy”, the material out could be you.
・The opposition party・the Democratic Party and the agreement concluded in the presidential decree for the lawsuit, such as to cause concern.

2] the earnings announcement season is also the end, even that positive is born the possibility of future decline is expected.

3] rather, the presidential elections・U.S.・China conflict-the US debt downgrade, etc. of the answer is more so.

●4. Last minutes initial jobless claims 118. 6 million,more than expected decline

1] the US Department of Labor 8/6 announcement last week, the ratio▲24.9 million, the expected 140 million to below 3 mid come the lowest level.

2] unemployment insurance continuation benefit recipients number of 1,617 million the previous 1,695 million decrease from the expected, 1,690 million people below the

3] market is favorable,the US 10-year government bond yield of the+0.1%rise, the dollar is also strong including.

●5. The United States is in 2017 12 months, until now China country given the policy failed, and assertive, and”discard”an official document Declaration

1] by the United States against China’s hardline policy to change the flow of
[1] Trump for President in 2017 12 months,”China,the United States and the free world’s national security・interests and values that threaten the dangerous position that”the key policy document published.
[2] in 2018, 2 in February, Trump the President reiterated the”China to the World Trade Organization [WTO] on the accession of was a mistake,”he said,now of the United States of China country given the policy failure of the bullish Outlook.
[3] by 2018 10 month,Pence Vice President of”China to a hardline speech”.
[4] in 2019, 10 month,Pence Vice President is the 2nd of”China to a hardline speech”.
[5] after Pompeo Secretary of State’s speech

2] the reason
[1] China’s unfair economic practices
[2] a huge trade imbalance of the left
[3] in the South China Sea of the lawless territorial expansion
[4] Tibetan,Uighur,Hong Kong Human Rights repression
[5] in the United States of Chinese espionage and illegal 政治工作

3] Trump administration by China to a hardline policy most of the new Corona spread of infection and before the running and the presidential election, to the favorable seemed helpless to stop them in their bombardment of the transformation the aim was to posit that the force the muscle. However, before the presidential election is contentious in the heat of the battle.

●6. Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State 8/5 U.S. companies to China’s technology companies and the”clean break”to encourage

1] application delivery to help U.S. companies in China made the application in the”untrusted application”crowding out requests. China App”Americans of personal data pose a significant threat”, the Chinese authorities on censorship of the tool may have been said.

2] China’s Tencent and Alibaba, Baidu Cloud Service is also used to stop by for

3] the movement of the rice, check the business of forced sale or closure such as that shown.

4] China, the United States of communications for the protection of 5 the guidelines published.
[1] the Chinese development of the app to eliminate
[2] cloud services from Chinese companies to eliminate
[3] US trade that mesh from China’s Telecom operators to eliminate
[4] the United States made the application to Chinese-made smartphone app [pre-installed] prohibit
[5] China domestic intelligence for the purpose of submarine cables prohibited the use
Incidentally, Pompeo said, Japan as an ally as well as forced to respond to the attitude suggested.

●7. Trump President 8/6 Chinese video app”check”after 45 days to forbid the presidential decree signed

1] China Tencent’s”sweet moments”at the same time inhibit and expressed.
・The reports received, Tencent share price▲5% decline in Alibaba shares▲5.1%cheaper.

2] in India is already China App prohibits.

3] in China, the system of criticism is a tool not to and Twitter, such as rice companies’s Internet site [SNS] is already out for that. Google Internet censorship for money in 2010, China was forced to withdraw. The Chinese Foreign Ministry,”to enter the Chinese market enterprises, China’s laws comply with the need to be”and their actions were justified.

●8. China is Huawei’s 5G in the”communication intercepted”, and this is of the United States and Britain have been obvious from the history[8/6. Newsweek]

1] incidentally, the Chinese Communist Party・the government’s internal circulars, the party・government from the information systems of the U.S. and other foreign products to eliminate,by 2022 China product switch to the decree,by the end of 2019 discovered.

2] this is China’s 5G, etc. through the”foreign intercepted communications and communications through orchestrated”the intent of the reverse proof and said so.

3] China, the China Information System from the communication intercepted is not for foreign products to eliminate the other countries are China products of 5G equipment strong sales and this is a contradiction, there is a hidden intent to feel.

●9. Industry trends

1] Western Digital stock price plummeted,the semiconductor memory of the late shipment of less concern
・Corona re-expansion in the supply chain possibility of confusion and,in the first half of the cloud the demand for strong growth in the data center for a rebound from the weak, including the view.

●10. New Corona spread

1] the United States of the dead number is 12 on to 29. 5 million of the prediction [University of Washington Health Metrics and evaluation Institute]

2] the United States 8/8 this toll is cumulative total of 16 million Super,number of infected people is 500 million more than that. Global number of infected people is 1,963 million, exceeding the deaths of 72 million people exceeded.

Subsequently, the”Chinese stock market””Japanese stock market”analysis,”featured stocks”to

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