Market prospects 3 November 2 issue, and the United States shares the Savior of the Trump&Powell appeared to return to high transition,Dow 27,000~28,000 dollars forecast

・The Nikkei average return of the high 22,600 ~ 23,000 yen expected

■I. The U.S. stock market

●1. US stocks fall the transition of the

1] the United States share a substantial decline of
・The US investor sentiment changes, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] is 2 months 25 days to open a press conference,”in the United States,one new type of corona virus continuous infection that”with the prospect shown here.
・Rice products, the food and Drug Administration [FDA]officials also 新型肺炎 a sense of vigilance is strongly in the OR. “Most pandemic [worldwide epidemic]of the brink”and remarks

【Previous】Market Outlook 2 January 27 issue of the Nikkei stock average of this bottom 20,500 yen, and the period is 4 month and expect U.S. stocks world stocks reversal of stewards to change without

2] 新型肺炎 the United States in the spread of the infection to the concern is stronger, the stock is upset
・The rice economy of 7% of consumer spending, which accounts for the crumble a good situation likely to fall into the will rice major stock indices [DJIA,NASDAQ Composite,SP500]is greatly plummeted to.

3] in addition, the market is”sell is a Sell call””panic selling”phenomenon was observed.
・Market between the parties is the”corona・panic”word also was heard.

4] Dow’s weekly decline width▲3,583 USD・the rate of decline▲12.4%in 2008, the global financial crisis since the magnitude of that.

5] the stock market was salvaged from the funds,[1] safety bond [2] Money [3] yen flows into each of the price increases, causing[1] the interest rate is cheap [2] Gold [3] appreciation of the yen caused.

●2. The United States of the shares for the time being of the rock-bottom reach to suggest,the bearish numbers・articles and positive

1] rice down▲4,142 dollar▲14.0%, cheap, in,China・shock comparable to the fall
[High 2 on May 12 29,551 USD ⇒ lows 2 months 28 days 25,409 USD]The past:in 2015 China・shock ▲14.4%
2016 early ▲12.6
2018 early ▲10.3

2] Bloomberg,”worst than”, the Global is▲40%plunge to a fear of pointed
・In the United States 新型肺炎 of the infection spreads further, if the rate of the downward trend is strong, the stock price from the peak maximum▲40%plummet as well as some of the issues that need to be had.

3] the SP500 of the fear index[the VIX index] is 2 months 28 days”40.11″with,2018 Year 12 month 25 day rock-bottom when the”36.07″above for the rock-bottom reach to suggest that.

4] U.S. corporate 2020 annual earnings growth is unchanged from the announcement[Goldman Sachs][a] profits remain unchanged from the reasons for
[1] Chinese economic activity is greatly reduced
[2] Rice Exporters against falling demand
[3] supply chain chaos
[4] U.S. economic activity slowed

[b]the SP500 component stocks of the profit
[1] 1-share earnings expected to be lower initially 174 USD ⇒ 165 to the dollar

[1] 2020 in the first half of a substantial economic growth slowdown expected. However, in 2020 the second half and in 2021 would recover.
[2] a more severe pandemic [worldwide epidemic]and, if the long-term confusion and the United States of the session[the recession]may lead to.
[3] US 10-year bond yields to 1% decline, the SP500 index is 2,900 points[the highest value from▲14.4% below]in the fall are expected and noted. However, by the end of the year U.S. bond yields 1. Rise to 5% if the SP500 is 3,400 points, is reached for. [Note:2 month 28 days the closing price of the SP500 is 2,954]

5] Positive Appearance of
・US interest-rate futures market is 7 months or in 3 times of interest rate cuts and incorporate the FED rate cut pressure. Also, long-term interest rates, an index of 10-year bonds, and 2 on 28 1. 13% and 3 consecutive record lows updated.

・[1] mortgage interest rates decline and the housing market of the firm, [2] Strong Employment, [3] wages rise with economic growth helping.

●3. Theyre talking about the Savior of the Trump President&Powell FED Chairman appeared

1] playing the President 2 on May 26, remarks,”in the United States, the risk of infection is”low
・The market is the reality of the speech and the reaction without.

2] Powell Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is 28 days, the stock market turmoil in the”additional rate cuts suggest”
・Powell chair of the remark contents,
[1] the new corona virus is the”economic risks”as stated.
[2] additional interest rate cuts by the stock market, stabilize the stance.
⇒ Rice down to 28 days temporary▲1,000 dollars more than Friday was, Powell remarks to receive closing price▲357 dollars rapidly were bought back.

●4. Rewinding to return the high expectations

1] the return rates of 4 to 6 percent and to return to the highs is 27,000 USD~28,000 dollars and expected
The rate of decline return rate
▲4,142 USD 38.2% + 1,582 USD ⇒ 26,991 dollar
61.8 +2,559 ⇒ 27,968

Subsequently, the”Chinese stock market””Japanese stock market”analysis,”featured stocks”to

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