Marriage with partner Watanabe Ken "still like that"

The entertainment company "K-Dash Group" held a new year's party at ZEX Atago Green Hills in Tokyo on the 17th, and Masaaki Sakai [73] Katsunori Takahashi [55] Ken Watanabe [60] and other talents participated.

Saying in 2020, Sakai said, "I feel the year is getting faster every year. I want to make it a relaxing year this year." Watanabe, who will be performing the lead stage “Pizaro” at the new Parco Theater in Shibuya, Tokyo in March, said, “The biggest event of the first half of this year. I started training from 2nd.” Takahashi, who made his first appearance in the NHK Taiga drama, said, "I want to try and grow in the next stage."

On this day, Watanabe also mentioned the existence of partner women. He was introduced as a partner to visitors at the 60th birthday party last November, and in some reports it is a general female who is 21 years younger. Watanabe said, "I have him fully backed up," and he said, "I'm getting stage training and eating when I manage my physical condition." He said that marriage was "not yet that kind of feeling," but said that he wanted to continue with his relationship.

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