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Mars exploration vehicle “Mars 2020” Rover has been commissioned. 10 hours of continuous operation confirmed under earth gravity-Engadget Japan version

Mars 2020 Rover will land on February 18, 2021 in an area called the Martian Gezero Crater. It is thought that it used to be a lake, and it is considered that there is a high possibility that there is a trace of microorganisms in the clay-like soil that has accumulated on the side.

In the trial run conducted by Mars 2020 Rover this time, it was confirmed that it was able to run and turn as instructed on the slope that assumed Mars. In addition, 10 hours of continuous operation was performed, confirming that the system was functioning properly. Mars is considered to be about 40% of the Earth's gravity, so if the running test is carried out normally on the Earth, it is considered that there is no problem running on Mars.

However, if you actually land on Mars, the Mars 2020 Rover is waiting for exploration activities far longer than 10 hours. This exploration vehicle is equipped with a camera with a much wider angle and higher resolution than conventional ropers, equipped with a computer to process the captured image and create a map, and also the latest automatic navigation software It is installed.

So far, the rover mileage record on Mars 1 day is about 214m of Opportunity Rover. On the other hand, the Mars 2020 Rover is supposed to run 200m a day on average, so it will be possible to create a wide range of maps. We will also conduct weather and geological exploration observations on Mars.

John McNammy, who leads the project, reported the completion of the test run and commented, "I can't wait to see this rover stepping on Mars' red land." Mars 2020 is part of the Artemis program, which will carry out missions to the moon in preparation for manned exploration on the red planet.

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