Marshall's smallest portable speaker “Emberton”

The most compact Bluetooth portable speaker, from Marshall, which is also favored by world-renowned musicians as an iconic British brand.EmbertonWill be on sale.

Premium signature sound

Premium signature sound

Since it uses multi-directional sound, it is possible to experience a powerful 360-degree sound that remains the same no matter where you listen. Powerful and rich sound superior to most speakers of similar price, not only for music playback but also for movie watching.

Up to about 20 hours continuous playback

Up to about 20 hours of continuous playback is possible with a single charge. In addition, even if the battery runs out, you can play for about 5 hours with a quick charge function of about 20 minutes. You can easily check the remaining battery level with the battery indicator even during use, so you do not have to worry about running out of charge.

Up to about 20 hours continuous playback

Both simple design and durability

With the Marshall logo on the front, it's a simple design that doesn't overstate itself, so it's easy to fit into any room. The body made of silicon and metal is designed to be carried around, so it weighs only 700 grams and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Furthermore, since it has IPX7 waterproof performance, it will not be flooded inside even if it is temporarily (about 30 minutes) submerged under a constant water depth (1 m). Therefore, it is safe even if you accidentally spill water while using indoors or if it suddenly rains while using outdoors.

Both simple design and durability

Easy operation

With the multi-directional control knob on the top of the speaker, you can play, stop, feed, and adjust the volume, so even if you are playing music with a music streaming application such as Apple music or Spotify, you can open the application without opening the application. It is possible to operate.

Easy operation

Famous brand bluetooth speaker

Some well-known audio brands are not very active in developing Bluetooth speakers. Among them, this "Emberton" sold by Marshall is not only excellent in sound quality, but also those who are interested in "Emberton" that boasts excellent performance simply as a Bluetooth speaker such as checking the battery level and quick charging. Please check it out.

Learn more about Emberton →EMBERTON – Marshall | Kanjitsu Denki Co., Ltd. | KANJITSU DENKI CO.,LTD

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