Marubeni,cash flow management and growing investment in the net profit by more than 3000 billion yen aiming for

Marubeni has 6, China・US・Germany-based EV development and manufacture BYTON company, the capital and business Alliance agreement announced.

【Here】Sojitz, steady growth by continuous highs create

BYTON companies,the German automotive industry and the IT industry are graduates, founded by China’s leading automaker FAW Group and China, the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer, Ningbo 徳時 instead of New Energy Science and technology from investment in 2020 is a multi-purpose sports cars in China,the following year, the United States and in Europe and is scheduled to be released in May.

Marubeni Corporation as strategic partners,the mobility business or the EV’s battery management business, overseas business centered on collaboration as well.

Marubeni in 1858, chubei Itoh and the Ohmi country linen business sales as its Foundation for. Then Osaka Senba to drapery large ones quotient”Hong Zhong”opened,Yes in red put a curtain made of the company name comes.

Before the war, Itochu Corporation,Kureha spinning, such as a merger, but after the war in 1949 to concentrate on the elimination method, Itochu Corporation,Kureha spinning, etc and divided Marubeni Co., Ltd. was.

By 2019 3 months ended revenues of 7 trillion 4,013 billion. Business segment grain, food food products 53. 9%, agri, chemicals, pulp and paper material 22. 6%,the energy・metal 10. 6%. Hereinafter, aviation, marine, automotive leasing, construction equipment,industrial machinery & equipment of the transport plane 5. 6%, lifestyle, information, Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, such as life Industry 4. 7%, the power・plant is 2. 6 percent.

“Time evolution of horizontal expansion”by a variety of businesses to Marubeni watching the movements of the.

■The previous fiscal year[to 2019 3-month fiscal period] and current prospects

The previous year revenues of 7 trillion 4,013 billion yen [year-on-year 1. 8%] in net profit last year more than 196 billion in 2 consecutive highs of Update 2,309 billion JPY [the same 9. 3% increase] was.

Net profit increase factors as,income from investments accounted for using the equity method, with the improvement of the previous year’s U.S. tax due to revision of corporate income tax the deterioration of the rebound in energy and metal 45.9 billion yen, the domestic power generation business gain on the sale of the previous fiscal year’s North American auto-related loss of recoil due to transport of 110 billion yen, and an equity method affiliate of a subsidiary accompanying the appreciation by the life industry is 10.3 billion yen,pulp prices rise and the cardboard base of profitability improvement of the material is 97 billion yen, an increase of factors.

On the other hand,North American grain-related investment for impairment loss the year before of the United States amendments to the tax effects of the subsequent decline in demand following the front-loaded increase prior to the food is 454 billion yen,Singapore Power business related of investment impairment loss in power・plant is 81 million yen in company-wide adjustments of ¥ 3.8 billion decline due to.

Now half [4-9 March]net profit 1,118 billion yen [YoY 26. 4% decrease] as a result of during this fiscal year, net income is the income of the update 2,400 billion yen [down 3% year-over-year. 9%increase] expects.

■Mid-term management strategy[to 2020 3 month period ~ 2022 Year 3 months]due to business promotion

2022 Year 3 months ended Net Profit of 3,000 billion yen [vs. previous year 29. 9%] in AIM, the following strategies to promote.

●1. The strong financial base we aim to build a cash・flow management

・Core operating cash flow in pursuit of the maximization of 3 years, 1 trillion 2,000 billion yen of funds, creation of,9, 000 billion yen in the 3 growth horizon to invest.

・Debt repayment and shareholder returns after the free cash flow to 3 years in 1,000 billion yen more than the creation.

●2. Business model focused on 3 growth Horizon Investment,strengthen existing businesses and new areas strategic selection to our business principles set

・Horizon 1, the establishment of next-generation business development division, including 14 in sales at the headquarters,existing business looking for,2,000 million yen growth of investment.

・Horizon 2 is the traditional business areas, and strategies for the pursuit,5,000 billion yen for growth investments.

・Horizon 3, the Marubeni group as unexplored areas,a new business model to the 2,000 billion of growth investments.

Existing business and new business to the challenge of both long-term corporate value enhancing Marubeni’s movement want to watch. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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