Masafumi Yokomizo is filmed by Sosuke Ikematsu “Sophisticated Play” NHK

Actor Sosuke Ikematsu [29] starring at NHK in Tokyo on 9th, BS Premium “Masashi Yokomizo Short Editorial 2” [January 18th, 11pm, 25th and February 1st, 10:30 pm] Broadcasting] attended with co-starring Maki Sakai [49].

Three works of "Rental Boat No. 13", "Gorgeous Beast" and "Inugami Family" will be broadcast over 3 weeks. A series in which up-and-coming creators visualize almost exactly the original. The first is broadcast in 2016.

Ikematsu jokingly asked, “I think there are people who think it ’s good, but I ’m half thinking,” he said, “It ’s a team that is n’t usually a drama field, and the director has its own personality. There was a high staff, and three years ago, I was urged to talk about adult Japanese tales. This time, a great cast of people gathered together and I think everyone was able to have a lofty play. "

Sakai said, “Anyway, there are so many lines. In this schedule, this amount of speech is the longest time I've been doing an actress. I'm new to tears, but all are fun and nice lines.

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