Masahiro Chono, a retrospective of younger generations

Pro Wrestler Masahiro Chono [56] gave a lecture at the award ceremony of “12th Care Composition / Photo Contest” held in Tokyo on the 10th.

Chono, who cooperates as an ambassador for the contest, gives lectures to those who are making use of past care experiences and are facing each other in the field. Taking the example of disaster prevention and life-saving enlightenment activities that I am working on, “There are many low-key people who say that fire fighters support people in need, but they can do it behind the scenes. So it is necessary to convey it to the outside, and it is the same for nursing care.

In addition, as a necessary thing to raise the fixed rate of employees, Chono looked back on the experience of professional wrestling in his younger days, “It would be better to take a form to nurture. To cultivate, division of roles is necessary. At that time, Yoshiaki Fujiwara was technical, Don Arakawa was basic physical strength, Kotetsu Yamamoto, who was said to be a demon sergeant, was rather gentle and degassed, raising young people together, not alone “Because young people are smart now, it's time to show the whole picture, so it would be more rewarding to explain that this is done,” he said.

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