Masahiro Higashide's “ no excuse '' actress and affair separated

Actress Kyou [33] and actor Masahiro Higashide [31] have discovered that they have been separated since the beginning of this month. 5 years since marriage. A big crisis came to the two who seemed to be a "married couple".

Separated on the same day, the news site "Bunshun Online" reported. The site reports that Higashide currently lives in single-family apartments in Tokyo, and mentions that the separation was due to affair with actresses in Higashide.

Higashide's office faxed to the media on the same night and commented on Bunshun's report that "the things written are almost true." "The consequences of the stupidity, immaturity, and lack of responsibility of Higashide. There is no excuse for any accusations," he added.

Regarding the current situation of Higashide, "I feel the responsibility and the size of what I lost for this situation, I am suffering from regret and earnestly. It takes a lot of time and effort. "

Although the possibility of divorce is associated with separation, the office said, "I heard that separation is not a divorce, but a cooling period to take the steps to restoration." Explain that I intend to aim for. "I think it is a tough road, but Higashide has to show his proof, including his way of life and attitude, to regenerate his family as a father as a husband. He will follow the course strictly." Was. Higashide's lack of direct comment indicated the severity of the situation.

Kyou's office told Nikkan Sports that "Separation is a fact. It's a married couple, so I'm not in a position to answer private reasons such as the reasons for separation."

Kyou and Higashiide started dating after co-starring in the 13-year NHK serial TV novel "Gochiso-san". Married on the first day of 2015, twin girls were born in 2016, and a third boy was born in 2017. There were many good friends episodes, such as inviting two friends at home and bringing up children while cooperating.

Higashide is currently starring in the TV Asahi series drama "Kage and Kenji-Jurisdiction and Geographical Inspection 24:00. The release of the movie "Confidenceman JP-Princess Edition-" is also scheduled for May. There are multiple commercial contracts, and there is a concern that the “crisis” that he or she may have had may affect his work.

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