Masaki Takahashi, 8 months pregnant is "Ramen Ladder"

Free announcer Masahisa Takahashi [38] attended the launch of the brand ambassador for cosmetics “XLUXES / ORIGAMI” in Tokyo on the 2nd.

He laughed as a beauty ambassador, saying, "I was longing for the third character in the Bureau Ana era, so I was happy to be a woman."

Currently 8 months pregnant. At an event held in mid-January, he said that he was aiming for the shortest return to the entertainment world after giving birth, but criticism was raised by the public such as "we are giving birth to sweets." The following day, he wrote on the blog, "I'm not going to do that, I'm sorry." "My lip service is out," he said, "I have to go back to the TV station for compliance, so I hope we can talk back and talk back."

Good physical condition. "The fetal movement is amazing. It was moving a while ago. One person is athletic." Although his face was thinner than before, he laughed, "Because it is nutritious." "Because my stomach has been squeezed, I haven't eaten like a fool as before," he said, describing her eight-month-old pregnancy as "not much different from when she ladled ramen."

The delivery is expected in early May. "I want my husband to be present. I want my father [Hideki Takahashi] to wait outside the sickroom, but I'll come in."

On this day, the comedy combination of the same office, Hiroyuki Takamishi and Yuta Maeda rushed to cheer. The two are from Koshien's regular school, Ehime / Semi High School Baseball Club. Takagishi congratulates Takahashi as an ambassador and giving birth with Jimi style greetings. But I had no idea other than Maeda.

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