Masaki Takasugi and others show the completion of NG.

Masahiro Takasugi [23] Yusuke Uechi [40] Yukino Kishii [27] Comedy Combination Ogi and Hagino Ogi Hiroaki [48] Honda Riki [40] Heki Sakuji [57] Director Tsutomu Eiji [51] in Tokyo on the 15th Attended the screening of the completion of the movie "Maeda Construction Fantasy Sales Department".

Takasugi, who played the main character Doi, said, "I have nothing to say in the movie that I am out of, but I think it was a very interesting movie." Many of the small trees are NG. "Every morning, Mr. Ogi is practicing dialogue, and in the second half, everyone began to adjust the dialogue." Ogi invited a laugh, saying, "I'm like a child who can't do it."

Uechi revealed that the NG of the tree is NG: "Ogi says," Oh, I'm saying "Okay." In addition, he confessed the shock, saying, "This person, at the end of 8 o'clock, will put in a schedule of grilled meat at 6 o'clock."

He said, "I don't think it's variety!" Hex said he took part in the shooting after four people. "I saw it talking all the time, and I was browsing through [Ogi], and I thought," It's a bad movie. But when you look at it, it's really interesting, this is it. " He looked at the director's face.

Ogi said, "I saw this movie and thought, 'I'm really good at painting.' So I want to come out with a 'joker.' I want to be the next joker."

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