Masataka Kubota, a cleaning enthusiast, cleans Kabukicho “ feels good ''

Actor Masataka Kubota [31] attended a clean event in Shinjuku Kabukicho, Tokyo, on the 15th, where the lead movie "Hatsukoi" [directed by Takashi Miike on 28th] was set.

This is an entertainment work that begins with a probation sentenced by a probationer who has sentenced a vicious detective to help a girl escape. Kubota plays the genius boxer Leo Katsuragi.

On that day, about one hour with director Miike and about 60 volunteers, I picked up trash from Kabukicho. At the departure ceremony, he appealed, "I want to be able to clean the city that was taken care of by the movie." Director Miike said, "[Kubota-kun] says he will do until his power is exhausted, so I hope you can watch it."

When Kubota returned, he smiled, "The city was beautiful, but I picked up a lot of trash. I couldn't do much, but it would be nice if the city was clean." Director Miike said, "I was just looking at the top of the film and not looking at my feet. Why was there a drama here and I learned that garbage has a taste?" Kubota also told director Miike, who picks up garbage, "It looks like a mascot in Shinjuku, with a cute figure picking up with tongs with gloves in sunglasses."

Kubota likes to clean, but what he wants to clean right now is "the contents of his mobile phone." "Some people haven't contacted them at all, but they have so few friends that if you clean them too much they will disappear," he said masochistically.

When Kubota told the movie, "It's a good memory to beat Naoto Omori in Kabukicho," Miike said with a bitter smile, saying, "I want to tell you a better story!"

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