Masatoshi Nakamura 45th Anniversary Live 27 songs including Chiharu Matsuyama cover

Masatoshi Nakamura [68] held a concert tour of the 45th anniversary concert tour at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo on the 14th.

“I pretend to be impressed when I sing, and I'll get on with Nakamura if I pretend to have fun,” while joking about the final performance in Nagoya on the 15th. And he said, “I'll do it for about two and a half hours today, so please follow me.”

In addition to the hit song “The street corner where lovers get wet”, the debut song “Fureai”, and the new song “I wonder!” Performed 27 songs to 2000 people. Kominato and Matsuyama have made guest appearances at Nakamura's 45th anniversary performance, which was performed at Meijiza in July.

A regular appearance in the TV Tokyo drama "How to cure a hospital-Dr. Arihara's Challenge" started in January next year, and the movie "Neko Ekimae" scheduled to be released in 2009 has also been starred. He will continue to work energetically next year.

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