Masayoshi Son “I blame myself for being irresponsible because of lack of power”

Masayoshi Son, chairman and president of the SoftBank Group [62], said, "I am blaming myself irresponsibly due to lack of strength" in the situation where the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread.

On the 24th, Mr. Sun wrote on Twitter that "sad news is increasing," and said, "I am blaming myself for being irresponsible because of my lack of power. I wonder if I could do something faster." "I will continue to ask myself everyday," he wrote.

Mr. Son is currently working hard to procure medical masks and protective clothing that are provided to medical institutions without any profit. As of March 10, Twitter said, "We want to provide people who are worried about the new coronavirus with an opportunity for a simple PCR test for free," and said that they will prepare 1 million people, but the next day, "Test I heard that there are many people who can not be inspected even if I want to do it, but I made an idea, but I do not like it because it has a bad reputation … "tweeted. He withdrew, suggesting that a number of critical voices were received.

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