Masayuki Kakefu appeared in the morning drama "Ale", singing Rokko Oroshi

Masayuki Kakefu [65] appeared in the NHK TV novel "Ale" broadcast on the 22nd. Kakefu's morning drama appearance is the first time in about 24 years since "Futarikko" in 1996.

He played the role of Torao Kakeda, who asked the protagonist and composer Yuichi Furuyama [Masataka Kubota] to sing the Osaka Tigers [Hanshin] team song. Appeared for about 30 seconds in the tiger's coat. The dialogue is "Ookini! Ookini!" And sang "Rokko Oroshi" with everyone on shoulder.

Mr. Kakefu played an active role as "Mr. Tigers" in Hanshin, and also served as the second army director after retirement. From this season, he has been working as "HANSHIN LEGEND TELLER".

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