Maserati-like sound remains intact│EV system development starts in earnest

Maserati has begun testing electric drive systems as part of the process of developing electrified models that will be added to the model range in the future. The test car is equipped with a 100% Maserati innovative battery-powered powertrain developed at the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena.

Along with the powertrain, a sound that symbolizes Maserati is also being developed. Even with a model that is 100% electrified, the unique engine sound that makes Maserati Maserati is maintained, as is Maserati with an internal combustion engine.

This means that the electric vehicle Maserati will bring to the world will combine the benefits of electric vehicles with the joy of driving, comfort, performance and the sound of Maserati. Repeated tests in various situations and continued research and development for commercialization, the next generation Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio will be Maserati's first electric vehicles.

Look forward to Maserati's nova EV where you can also enjoy the sound.

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